Hanging Baskets

WIG’S Signature Designer Baskets

Hanging baskets
We offer both sun and shade mixes in:
-10” and 12” plastic baskets, with higher soil volume than industry standards to keep your basket healthier for longer.
-16” and 20” moss baskets that really make an impression.  They are specially treated to better retain water.
– Designer rectangular cedar baskets that perform beautifully all summer.

We also offer water wise succulent baskets that are an impressive but forgiving choice if you are prone to forgetting watering.

Whatever your needs and price range, we have something for you.

Basket Stuffers
For the “do it yourself” types, we have a large selection of basket stuffers in both 2 and 4 inch pots for use in baskets, pots, planters, or garden beds. We carry all of our classics such as Bacopa, Swan River Daisy, Calibrachoa, Heliotrope, Fuchsia, Verbena, and many more as well as new additions to the line up every year.