SPRING of 2024-Opening on March 23/24

WIGS Gift Certificates are available through out the Fall & Winter… email-wig55@shaw.ca or Phone 604-521-3138

“YES” We are Pet Friendly Garden Center…

Highlights from season 2023…..

WIGS Signature Ornamental Oregano “Alfredo” Perennial Hanging Basket

“WIGS BEE GOLDEN” Hardy Succulents are great for Party Favors, Weddings, Baby Shower, Hostess or any kind of even

Nature Gallery

Gnomes-Cement /Lawn Ornaments – Bird feeders/ Houses – Chimes and more…

Welcome to WIGS’ Garden Center from Lawns Ornaments/Trellises/Arbors / Water Fountains to Awesome Gift Ideas, Fairy Garden/Gnomes to a variety of Color/Texture/ Size of POTS from Ceramic, Terra Cotta, Plastic and Resin to WIGS  Signature Designer Hanging Baskets, Succulents to Annuals & Perennials, Shrubs, Herbs & Vegetables to your Soil/Compost/Fertilizer and more with Friendly Staff to Help… 

WIGS  Backyard World of  Succulents  Grown in Burnaby B.C 

 WIGS’ Succulents are Home Grown at Wig Greenhouses in Burnaby under Westminster Gardens We take Pride in Growing the Best Quality .. Funky, Exotic, Unique in Color, Shape and Texture…Great Selection at a Great low Price

Succulents, Echeverias, Aeoniums is a Good Drought Tolerant Plant adding Color & Texture into your Garden Beds



Bee Golden – Sempervivum-Hens and Chicks

Hardy Succulents ( Sempervivum ) …. Hens & Chicks and Sedums are great all year round ..they do well  indoors but prefer the out doors.. Full Sun.. Drought Tolerant .. Cold weather adds Color and Texture ..most can handle up to -29° Celsius.. great for borders…rock beds…shallow pots…topiary…living walls and designer pots…great gifts for weddings favors and party hosts and baby showers….