Rock, flowering, and texture planted containers

At WIG we know that the Lower Mainland sustains a diverse variety of plants and our customers have a diverse variety of needs when it comes to finding the right plants for their garden. We create planters that meet those needs. Our designers strive to put together new and exciting combinations every year.

Drought Tolerant Planters
Our colourful succulent containers feature a multitude of textures and shapes that you can practically forget to care for all summer and they will stay beautiful well into the fall.

Sun Planters
Love full flowering pots but can’t seem to keep up with the watering when the hot sun comes? At WIG we use containers that hold a higher soil volume than most of the industry competition. This keeps your planters healthier for longer and stops plants from becoming root-bound and drying out.

Shade Planters
Many people find gardening in the shade to be intimidating but with the right combination, it can be extremely rewarding. Our shade planters combine both flowering and foliage plants that will grow beautifully on patios with overhangs especially in tricky spots like an entry way.

Texture Planters

Sometimes foliage plants can make a bigger impression than flowers. Our texture pots are designed for that “wow” factor. At WIG we love the contrast of shapes, colours, and textures that can create a fun and colourful or bold, modern look. When you see these planters, you’ll love them too.

Sunblaster NanoDomes & Horticulture Lighting

We now carry various sizes of domes to jump-start your plants!  We also now have SunBlaster LED strip lights which are designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all indoor Horticultural applications without fail or compromise.  SunBlaster LED strip lights utilize patented self-cooling technology to create the most advanced Horticultural lighting available today.